Trend Alert–> Cut-Out

From the Runway to the Red-Carpet to the Streets , the Cut-Out trend is becoming very popular with all the fashionistas.


The Cut-Out dresses display a peek-a-boo effect by revealing the skin but still keeping the surprise element intact…If you see what I mean 😉

I love this blue Cut-Out dress which shows a slight hint of mid-riff


Look at this gorgeous Yellow Cut-Out Dior Dress worn by Marion Cotillard. The bright hue couldn’t be more appropriate for Summer 🙂


I love the Cut-Out dresses because they are so Conspicuous yet so Obscure 🙂


Fashion Faux Pas – Tight Clothes (Not Sexy)

I agree in the victorian times women would wear corsets that would cinch their waist so much so that they would eventually faint


Good for us we are not living in the 18th Century anymore.

One of the biggest Fashion Crimes of all time is wearing clothes that are so tight that it makes it implausible to breathe…

For instance….

This ….


or this…..


We all know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

When you go shopping try to buy something that fits you perfectly.If you are a Medium , buy a Medium not Small,not Extra Small.I’m not asking you to buy something that drowns you either.If it doesn’t fit you, nobody is forcing you to buy 😉 (There’s a reason Trial Rooms are invented)

If you must wear something that’s tight wear it right !

Dressing fashionably is all about balancing your outfit and accessories.

For instance pair a Pair of Leggings with a relaxed Sweater like this


Or a Chic Bustier with a Maxi Skirt like this


Try to mix and match…The best of the best outfits are found in your own closet.

And remember


Be Fashionable !

Thanks For Reading 🙂

Trend Alert ! Midi

Much like the fashion in the 50’s & the 60’s the midi length skirts and dresses have found their way to the Runway of 2013.

Here’s a candid picture of Audrey Hepburn in a midi skirt !


So Timeless and Classy !


I’m so obsessed with this trend that I’m gonna  sew a couple of these Accordion Pleated Midi Skirts for myself .


Dare I say ” MIDIs are the new MINIs”???????

Trend Alert ! (VELVET)

You must probably be thinking that I love velvet ( as I fondly named my blog Velvetmousse ) but I can assure you there was no ulterior motive behind that. I have not been a great fan of velvet but I am really digging the velvet trend which is becoming more and more consistent on  the runway this season! 

Well, one might think I am out of my mind that I am suggesting that you wear velvet in spring, but you can go with light and bright colors and still rock the velvet look for this spring! 

Here are some inspirations 






Go Velvetty ! 


Hits and Misses of the Oscars 2013

The Oscars 2013’s red carpet was glistening with spectacular gowns adorned with  sequins, beads,embellishments,diamonds which almost made it resemble  a beautiful piece of art on a red canvas , so to speak 😉

Here are some hits Oscars’ 2013 red carpet …..

Jessica Chastain

jessica chastain oscar

Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain did it again with her Armani Prive beaded gown. The nude color of the gown complimented her skin as impeccably as her red lip color. For me it surely is a Super Hit !

Salma Hayek

      Oscar 20131

Salma Hayek wore this blue velvet Alexander McQueen dress with baroque detail at the neck.I’m a great fan of the baroque but I’m not really loving this high neck on her. I like what she did with her hair though. On the whole , it’s a  miss 😦

Charlize Theron

Oscar 20134

First of all, let’s talk about her hair! Very few women can carry off a short hair do and Charlize Theron looks like she owns it. She was wearing a Christian Dior peplum gown with a V- cut detail at the neck and embellished crystals on the peplum detail. I’m sure nobody would disagree with me if I say this is a hit!

Helena Bonham Carter

x700 (15)

Honestly, I really don’t get what Helena Bonham Carter is wearing. There is nothing appealing about the layers of black and white. I think she took her character as a witch in Harry Potter rather seriously ! I’m sorry to say , it’s a miss

 Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar 20136

Jennifer Lawrence looks like a princess with this fairy tale like pale pink ball gown from Dior Haute Couture. Her hair do was classy and her long diamond chain hanging it at the back added a twist to her ensemble. I have one word for this look, Hit!

Jennifer Aniston

Oscar 20137

I have been a fan of Jen Aniston for like ever. This red Valentino gown she wore looks very flattering on her. I really love her but I’m not really in love with her hair-do. It would have looked great if she tied her hair up in a bun, but who are we kidding, this is Jennifer Aniston we are talking about. She is always a hit!

Zoe Saldana

x700 (25)

I can’t help but fall in love with this gorgeous Alexis Mabille Couture gown that Zeo Saldana is wearing. It starts with a very intricate floral detail on the top with a belt at the waist line and as you go down , there is this peek a boo of grey and black transparent layers. She looked hot and yes , it’s a hit!

Anne Hathaway

Oscar 20138

Ok, Do I love her short hair? Yes

Do I love her gorgeous necklace hanging at the back? Yes.

Do I think there is something terribly off putting about the pointy darts in her Prada dress ? Yes.

Do I think this is a miss? Yes 😦

Jennifer Hudson

x700 (17)

Let’s just say Jennifer Hudson’s Roberto Cavalli couture long sleeved blue gown matched her performance at the Oscars 2013. I love everything about her dress, her hair and her makeup ! It’s a hit!

Jennifer Garner

Oscar 20139

The Oscar winning producer’s wife, Jennifer Garner wore a beautiful Gucci dress in grape color which almost stole my heart and she then turns around , and there it is.. I can’t for the love of God stop picturing a Stegosaurus when I look at this dress.


I am a little ambiguous with this look.. It’s like a hit in the front and miss in the back.

Amy Adams

Oscar 201310

Amy Adams pulled it off with this beautiful Oscar De La Renta ball gown so effortlessly that it made to my list of hits. It was adorable when she was flaunting her gorgeous Moa earrings when the camera zoomed in on her when her nomination for best supporting actress was announced!

I hope you enjoyed this article ..

Thanks for reading 🙂

How to Style a Denim Jacket !

How to Style a Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and an essential part of any wardrobe.

Here are some tips on how to style one with various outfits….

With a dress

Pair a denim jacket with a sundress and boom you have a cute and casual outfit. Did I forget to mention chic ? 😉


With Skirts

 Achieve one of these girly yet sophisticated looks by pairing a denim jacket with a skirt. Try a full length skirt for a different look !



With Leather

Here is a more classy look for a denim jacket. One might not be very audacious to wear leather by itself, but you can introduce a twist by pairing it with denim



With Pants

Pair a denim jacket with a different color jeans rather than being matchy-matchy with the same color from head to toe.


Here is another interesting look worn by Rihana. I’m in love with this denim jacket. And yes! It looks great with a  pair of white shorts.


When it comes to a denim jacket Jessica Alba sure knows how to own it with her style. Think out of the box and wear a denim jacket with a pair of dressy pants to rock a look like this !!


I hope you got enough inspiration on how to wear a denim jacket or to create your own new look which inspires others! Keep reading … 🙂

Color Trend-2013 — Emerald Green !!!

As much as I cannot get enough of the vibrant coral and the divine burgundy hues which reigned the year 2012, I am really excited to share with you the color of 2013 which is …………

Emerald Green !


I am sure to include this jewel tone into the color palette of my wardrobe,accessories and make up 🙂 (Can you tell that I’m crazy about this color???)

Think about teaming up emerald green with black,beige,burgundy,or get creative in your own way.No matter what you choose to do,this color looks beautiful !

Check out this mood board that I came up with to help you pick your clothes and accessories for the season.


What are you waiting for ?? Grab your wallets and hit the stores … !

I wish you a very happy and fashionable new year 2013 🙂